Thank you for your generous donation to SI Jet Set which has allowed us to continue our efforts of investing in the dreams of women & girls. We appreciate your kindness.

    • Debbie Crumb and Maryann Meersman in memory of Debbie’s mom, Rose Crumb
    • Linda Vail
    • Patty Rosand
    • Lisa Wyatt
    • Andrea Thompson
    • Linda Sudela in honor of her friend Nancy Prince Fox
    • Marsha Robin
    • Lisa Dublin
    • Susie Breitbach
    • Suzanne Funston
    • KRC & Associates, LLC, Karen Rogers
    • Jim Haguewood, ONE Group, LLC
    • Jan Simon FFCF
    • Bruce Skinner
    • Martha Hurd
    • Judy Owen
    • Jill Oakes
    • Becky McGinty in honor of her mother Lillian McGinty
    • Jim & Mary Galvin for Ellen Caldwell
    • Jim & Mary Galvin for Teresa Galvin
    • Homer and Karla Muto
    • Jane Manzer
    • Karri Bruntz
    • Barbara Fromm
    • Cynthia Martin
    • Kathy Estes for the "Query Ladies" at North Olympic History Center
    • Liz Fox in memory of Sylvia Saenz
    • Linda Rotmark
    • Cheryl Bisceglia & Mark Eshom
    • Leiann Niccoli
    • Robbie Mantooth in honor of Martha Hurd
    • Ann Agren
    • Deb West in memory of her mom Linda
    • Sandra Reed
    • Marsha Robin in honor of her sister and daughter-in-law
    • Gwen Porterfield in memory of the women who made the most influence on her life Olive Boyd, Dema Bailey, Lola Fairchild, Faye Loomis, Violet Brodhun, Ruby Safreed, Alma Enroth, Eleanor Alleman, Lee Hodson, Isabelle Whitfield
    • Tina Smith in honor of Jill Oakes
    • Traci Boe, Mary Galvin, Kim Cheney, and Mikki Boyd in memory of Ellen Caldwell
    • Patty Rosand in memory of our dear Edie Beck
    • Edna Peterson
    • Jill Oakes in honor of her friend Diana Aaby
    • Katie Wall
    • Jane Pryne in memory of her mother Betty L. Swanson
    • Karen Rushby
    • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sheedy
    • Joyce Cox
    • Terri Longin
    • Cheryl Winney
    • Maryann Ballard
    • Anonymous
    • Amanda Saiz, Betty Oakes, Lori Oakes, and Jill Oakes in memory of Casey Oakes
    • Wende Porterfield
    • June Bozanich
    • In honor of Soroptimist International 100 years, SI Port Angeles Jet Set 40 years, and in memory of deceased members of Soroptimist Port Angeles Jet Set - Jean Hordyk
    • Linda Jadasohn
    • Dottie Ferrell

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